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Tresca Italia Capri Custom Sandals
Sandals have dated back to anceint Egypt, but the Italians are the ones that made them fashionable. A Roman emperor retired to the isle of Capri wearing sandals with leather straps around the ankle and the Capri sandal was born.

The Capri sandal has only grown in popularity throughout the years. Celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy, Julia Roberts and Gwenyth Paltrow have fallen in love with the jewel encrusted shoes and have only added to their popularity.

Tresca Italia was born when our Italian Creative Director and Founder, Lori Giglio Gibson, first traveled to the island and fell in love herself with Capri and its sandals. In Italian, Tresca literally translated means tryst or a forbidden pleasure and this is what the sandals are to her. After owning 50+ pairs and bringing sandals home to her friends and family, she knew others had to have the same love and passion about the unique sandals.

When you come into Tresca, you feel as though you have stepped into an Italian dressing salon. You can browse our 75+ styles of shoe jewelry, pick any one or our four heel choices and have your sandals custom fitted by our Italian cobbler, Francesco. The fitting takes approximately 30 minutes. If you are not able to visit in person, Francesco will make your sandals especially as you like and we will ship them anywhere within 3 business days. If bling is not your thing, we offer our Bellas, either with or without your personal monogram or logo, they are a great alternative to the sparkle.

We stay true to the traditional Capri sandal in every sense and strive to make your new sandals as special as any accessory item you own. Whether online or in person, we want your experience to be a pleasant one and want you to you love and wear your new sandals often. Please contact us with any comments or questions as we appreciate our customers and take customer service seriously.
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